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Stirling driveway cleaning services Dunblane, Bridge of Allan
Here at Bobs locks we understand that maintenance is the key to a less stressful life.  Over the years mould and mildew can breed on your driveway. Causing discoloration of your once bright clean driveway in Stirling.  We offer a hot powerful pressure washing service in Stirling that will not only revitalise your driveway it will maintain and preserve its life.  We can remove all the nasty green stuff from your drive and freshen up the entrance to your home in stiring.

Rather than using more abrasive chemicals we use high pressured steam at over 120 degrees. It has great penetrative capabilities and removes mould and milduewith long lasting effects.

We offer Driveway and paving Cleaning services in Stirling
We offer Driveway and paving Cleaning services in Dunblane
We offer Driveway and paving Cleaning services in Bridge of Allan
Driveway and pathway cleaning service from Bobs Locks is happy to go further afield just call for a quote.

pressure washer services stirling
After Stage 1
(initial removal of moss and mildew Stirling)

Patio cleaning service Stirling, Dunblane, Bridge of Allan. Has your patio or decking become slippy and green? Bobs locks can help with our powerful hot pressure washing service Stiring.  We can rid you of your unsafe services today.  There’s no point in just painting over the grime. It’s far better to rid your self of the dirt and mould in one session, with our patio and decking hot water pressure washing system.  We use the correct chemicals to kill off the dirt from your garden and revitalise your home.
Every owner of a house and garden who has hosed down very dirty paving stones knows all about the limits of a normal garden hose´s cleaning power.

We Offer a patio cleaning Service in Stirling, Dunblane, Bridge of Allan and surrounding areas.
We are happy to go further afield.
just call for a quote 01786 470 740

Our pressure washer produces 2000 psi and with an extremely high heat it can lift any stains.

driveway cleaning stirling
Driveways steamed and cleaned from as little as £40. Call us now!


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